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>Please Enter and Have a Seat.... look and Read--I think
You will be entertained. My Hindi Gazals, English Poems and Shayari have been said to make you think, laugh and Cry.I hope it will touch your heart to make you sigh. I would Love to know what you think about. Please give me Feedback through the link below and You are also
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Hello Every one!! 


                  I'm "Harash Mahajan" and this is my homepage. Mujhe Vishwas hai ki Mere is chote se pyare se gharonde  me apko Bahoot anand aayega...Aur main aapka yahaan per tah-e-dil se swagat kerta hoon.! I really don't know how to bulid the site...but trying my best to put the maximum of my worth to do...,I didn't know anything about web designing when I first started making it but then I still tried my best...So here it is; you better like it coz i've really worked and working  hard for it. and of course thanx to my great friends who have helped me all along...and one more thing,I hope u will like it..Mujhe Vishwaas hai mere paathko ko yeh Gazal sangreh our English Poetry ki site jaroor pasand aayegi..saath hi woh apne vichaaro.n se mera Maarg Darshan Karene ki Anukampa Bhi karenge....Isi Kaamna ke saath bas main itna kahoonga..

Apno Se Ab Talak Jo Paya Wo Gazalo.n Main Dhala Hai,

Khud Hi Andaza Karein Kis Simt Andhera Aour Kis Simt Ujala Hai

So, ENJOY and HAVE FUN!!! and  do keep coming back as this site is constantly updated with new shers.

               I love  shero-o-shayari ...prastut Gazlein kalpana ki duniya se bharpoor sachhayion ko mehsoos ker unse sambandit Alfaazon main goonth ker shayari ke zarie is tarah chhand-badd ker ke pesh kerne ki koshish ki hai ki koi bhi ise asaani se gun guna sake..... 



Harash Mahajan

OM Namashwaii

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.

Dekh ker ke aayina khud se bharosa uthh gaya,
Be-shak khuda se maangta hai 'harash' ab do gaz zameen.


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