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Funny Geet/Ghazals/Kavita

Kutchh Chat-Pata

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ApnoN ne humko loota gairoN meiN kahaN damm tha
meri haddi wahaN pe tooti jahan hospital band tha

mujhko daala jis gaRhi maiN uska petrol khatam tha
mujhe rikshey mein phir bithaya usme kiraya kam tha

DoctoroN ne mujhe uthaya nursoN mein kahaN  damm tha
Mujhe litaya jonse bed per uske neeche pada bomb tha

Uda diya mujhe us bomb se goli mein kahaN  damm tha
Mujhe sadak meiN tha dafnaya kabristaan mein function tha
17th jan 2001

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Dekh ker ke aayina khud se bharosa uthh gaya,
Be-shak khuda se maangta hai 'harash' ab do gaz zameen.


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