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Rajshree is a unique actress, she is one of my favourite actress. Her beauty is rare. I love her for her being in this world...I think that she is so underrated and needs to be recognized more for her accomplishments. My favorite movie of her has to be "Geet Gaya Pattharonne" where she was cast alongside Jeetendra. The movie was so touching, yet so entertaining. Loved all of the songs by Asha Bhosle and Rajshree's classical dancing.


Birth Name
Rajshree Shantaram
Alternate Names:
Rajshree Chapman | Rajashree | Rajasree | Baby Rajshree

5' 2½" (1.59 m)

Mini Biography

Rajshree Shantaram is the daughter of noted V. Shantaram, who passed away in October 1990. She is the daughter of actress, Jayashree, who passed away recently on October, 19, 2004. Jayashree was the second wife of V. Shantaram. Rajshree's brother, Kiran Shantaram, was the former Sheriff of Bombay, Maharashtra, India. Rajshree is still well-known all over India, and now all over the world, mainly due to her classic beauty, her dancing, and acting capabilities.

Inki FilmoN ke kutchh khoobsoorat Geet

1.Na Jhatko Zulf se paani - Shehnai

2. Geet Gaya PathharoN ne

3. AajkaTere Mere Pyaar Ke charche

4. Dil ke Jharokhe mein




  1. Taqdeerwala (1995) (as Rajashree)

  2. Brahmachari (1968/I) .... Sheetal Chaudhary
  3. Suhaag Raat (1968) .... Rajjo
  4. Around the World (1967) .... Rita
    ... aka Duniya Ki Sair
  5. Bama Vijam (1967) .... Bhama
    ... aka Bama's Victory
    ... aka Bhale Kodalu (India: Telugu title)
    ... aka Well Done Daughter-in-Law!
  6. Dil Ne Pukara (1967) .... Asha
  7. Gunahon Ka Devta (1967)
  8. Sagaai (1966) .... Sheel
  9. Do Dil (1965) .... Bijli
  10. Janwar (1965) .... Sapna
    ... aka Jaanwar (India: Hindi title: video title)
    ... aka Janwaar (India: Hindi title: alternative transliteration)
  11. Ji Chahta Hai (1964)
  12. Kadalikka Neramillai (1964) .... Nimmi
  13. Shehnai (1964)
  14. Ghar Basake Dekho (1963)
  15. Grahasti (1963) .... Kiran H. Khanna
  16. Stree (1961)

  17. Subah Ka Tara (1954) (as Baby Rajshree)




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Rajshree was the daughter of the acclaimed Indian film maker V. Shantaram. Her mother Jayshree was also an actress, and was the second wife of V. Shantaram. Her brother Kiran Shantaram was a former Sheriff of Mumbai, Maharashtra in India.

Rajshree was an actress in Indian Hindi films during the 1960's. She was known for her classic beauty, acting and dancing capabilities. She was launched by her father along with Jeetendra in the film Geet Gaya Patharon Ne. She also starred in popular hits such as Bhramachari and Jaanwar with Shammi Kapoor and Shehnai with Biswajeet.

She left films shortly after marrying an American, Greg Chapman, in 1967. They have lived in Los Angeles since 1968 and they have one grown daughter.

Although unconfirmed, in a private press conference, Rajshree admitted to being a huge fan of both öf the television shows 'Sliders' and 'Laguna Beach.'

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Be-shak khuda se maangta hai 'harash' ab do gaz zameen.


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